Updated with media: Tony Nova back in Detroit to kick off Spring 2017 with some House Music

Update April 7, Here is the current media from this show:


Deep and Funky House Music and Funk fans; here is a great free party and event for you in Detroit. Join Tony Nova, Friday March 31, 2017 for some Deep and Funky House Music and Funk. As takes his live DJ Set on the road to celebrate the Life Party with a Cancer Free Gratitude Pay it Forward Celebration for Yolanda Nichelle. Read More

Updated with Video: Tony Nova back in Detroit with his Deep House Music set for Celebrate “LIFE Party”

Updated with Video:

Join Tony Nova in Detroit for some Deep and Funky House Music as he spreads love and peace through Music and Art. Read More

Tony Nova Mixes and Mashes | Audio and Video mash up for those who need it all.

Below is my latest Mix and Mash up of my latest’s uploaded media from my podcast, live performances and studio sessions.


Detroit Techno

A Mix for the House Heads

Drum & Bass with some Dub Step

Deep House

Very Very Deep House

Podcast: Get down with Tony Nova and The Deep Recovery DJ mix and Live set.

Tony Nova is back on track after a few back to back shows requiring me to go back to my old the old Tony and play lots of Detroit Techno and Drum and Bass. This week here is a sample of my DJ and performance at “Deep Velvet” a straight up Deep House Music, Down Tempo party at a secret location. Enjoy this fine show.

“Deep Recovery” Part one of a two-hour set

Featuring Deep House Music, Tech House Music DJ Mix. Live Set made with Deep and Chilled out Electronic House Music
House | House Music | Minimal | Disco | Funk | Latin | Afro House Music. Read More

Live moments from my musical healing sessions and DJ set | Deep House, House Music

One of my greatest pleasures is preforming my  Deep House musical healing sessions at Liv Wellness & Café in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Catch the mix below.

Podcast: Tony Nova Deep House Musical healing mix and DJ set | Deep House and Wellness mix

Here is one smooth ride from my DJ set at Liv Cafe. Deep House and Wellness. This soothing and relaxing sound experience focusing on sound healing using Deep and Chilled out Electronic House Music. Deep House textures and moods.

1. North (Jus Nativ Remix) Divided Souls & Samuri feat. Sio Blackwidow
2. No More (Blaq Owl Remix) Lil Soul, Blaq Owl, Andile Sean Khumalo
3. Strange Love Zonato Silva, Netto Buck
4. So Astounded (Atjazz and Halo Dubstrumental) DJ Le Roi feat. Lady Bird
5. Rhythms By The Sea (Original Mix) Moon Rocket, Esteban Fernandez, Jasmine Clemente, Andy Shigekawa
6. 1000 Memories (feat. Sio) Jullian Gomes
7. Our Emotions Real Kue Soul
8. Cobra XL (An Afefe Iku Offering). Martin Iveson
9. Modern Tribe (Agenda Mix) AfroDrum
10. P3 Jazz (Atjazz Remix) Rocco
11. Music Is Life (Original Mix) DJ Lesh SA
12. Human Nature Michael Jackson

Stream Tony Nova Podcast: Cyborgs vs Machines Vol 818 DJ mix exclusive Drum & Bass set

Download and stream, Tony Nova exclusive Podcast: and dj mix Cyborgs vs Machines Vol 818 DJ mix exclusive Drum & Bass set.


The Paradox Excision

Prismo (Original Mix) Infekt

Sanity Check Mefjus & Emperor

Bring It Back (feat. Stylo G) Friction

Who Got da Funk Break

Higher (The Prototypes Remix) Jauz X Netsky

I Wanna Rock [Explicit] Luke

Sequencer Fourward

Missing You feat. Tyler Daley and DRS (Original Mix) LSB

Cry Me Machinecode and Lockjaw

Scream Agressor Bunx

Airshift Current Value

Inception (Gydra Remix) Optiv & BTK

My DJ Mix and video from the best Detroit Techno and Hard Techno party, :broken circuit:

Tony Nova shows his Tech-House side of his talents featuring a performance with the Electronic side of Hard Techno mixes above 142 beats per minute. Every one must a have some Detroit Techno in there life mixed with some deep hard beats.

In the Live DJ Video re edited.

There is Plenty of Deep Tech and Tech House for everyone.

This a great podcast or mix for a club or party.

This was a crazy night and big fun. Below some of the highlights of the mix are:

Not in Order

Underground-Science Tony Nova
Propaganda (Original Mix) Sascha Zastiral
Southland Carlos Beltran
Phuture (Kevin Saunderson Remix)
The Nighttripper
Fentanyl (Original Mix) Halvy
Stanleys (Anna Remix)
Pump the Move (Tomio Ueda’s Floored Remix) Kevin Saunderson “E-Dancer”
Energy Flash Joey Beltram
The Original Video Clash: Video Clash II (Street mix)
And More.
Best hot Techno Music DJ Set and Detroit Techno Music, Deep Techno Dark dj Mix, Electro techno Mix.

Insane Detroit Techno DJ Mix and set from Tony Nova live at :broken circuit: an electronic music series

Here is a sample of one of my many Detroit techno sets from

:broken circuit:
an electronic music series

It’a a must have for your Podcast or Workout playlist.

Download and Stream my new Audio Visual Deep House DJ Mix | Deep Therapy

Here is my music and visuals from my DJ set and performance at my Ann Arbor Deep House Chill out Music therapy session.

Tony Nova live.

Ann Arbor Deep House Chill out Music therapy session.

Liv Wellness & Café
A soothing and relaxing sound experience focusing on sound healing using Deep and Chilled out Electronic House Music. Deep House textures and moods.

Here is my playlist. Read More

Here is a DJ Mix and Video for you, it’s Tony Nova DJ set at the Life Party Detroit.

Here is another hot Tony Nova DJ performance at the Life Party in Detroit. All new Deep House Music DJ Mix from Tony Nova. Featuring some of your Deep House, House Music favorites.

Featuring Hot House Music:

• Hey Hey (DF’s Attention Vocal Mix) Dennis Ferrer
• Put The Guns Down (Mike Dunn Blackball Club) R. Kelly, Mike Dunn Stripe
• Put Your Hands Up for Detroit (Original Mix) Fedde L
• Dance! Luca Debonaire
• Sunshine People Jay-J, Torin Rea
• Bug Federico Scavo
• Dish N Tell (Original Mix) House Of Venus2016
Bounce Your Body To The Box (Reese & Santonio )
• Get Get Down (Original Mix)

A must see for house music heads. Tony Nova, Mike Agent X Clark, Kieth Beber Life Party Live set DJ mix and Drum Circle.

Catch me getting down with my crew Life Party. For those fans of House Music live dj sets and drum circles where the dj’s mixes over top of acoustic instruments and art. This is a true “Life Party” with audience interaction, dancing, art, drum circle and everything good about life and music. Don’t miss this experience when it comes to your town, It’s about the Music.

Life Party is:
Mike Agent X Clark
Kieth Beber
Tony Nova

House Music Podcast: Tony Nova Power Hour Show #940 Disco & Deep (Audio Only)

From the party. Please enjoy this mix it’s a real banger for the house music lover. If you love deep house or disco house music this is a treat for you. The mix starts off real smooth and deep and ends up on a disco deep house music high.

Playlist and headphone ready this is a must for the true House Head.

Podcast Episode #940 takes Deep House meets Disco House

Catch highlights Tony Nova live at the studio party. The mix starts off real smooth and deep and ends up on a disco deep house music high.
A must for the true House Head.

Podcast: What do you know about House Music? episode #917

With so many types of House Music out there: Deep House, House Music, Minimal, Disco, Funk, Latin, Afro House Music and so much more! What do you know about House Music? Please enjoy this show handcrafted for you. T

New Podcast mix for the Deep-Tech and Tech House Music lovers

Here is the mix you can’t miss it’s a Deep Grinder that features some Deep Acid, Deep Funky Disco and more. Enjoy

Going Deep with Tony Nova: It’s time or some Deep, Funky, Latin, Disco House music.

This is a soundcloud version of my Podcast show #919. Enjoy a Deep ride through music and love.

Read More

Here is a hot Dj mix and podcast for you and your party.

Get in the mix with Tony Nova and theis very Deep Afro House Music mix made for your playlist, podcast or club.

Watch some of the Tony Nova Performance at the Life Party Detroit Show.

It was a night to remember in Detroit as House Heads from across the US got together for the Life Party Detroit show. Watch party of the hot performance by Tony Nova featuring:

Keith Beber  – Percussion
Gerard Evans  – Horn
Sarah Jjira Howard  – Art

Life Party Detroit Friday, April 29 at 9 PM - 2 AM

Life Party Detroit Friday, April 29 at 9 PM – 2 AM

Life Party Detroit Friday, April 29 at 9 PM - 2 AM

House Music solider Tony Nova & Michael Vechello get Funky in Detroit

Catch this  Live DJ collaboration, with Tony Nova on the Native Instruments S5 and Michael Vechello on Sax at the Spring House Sessions 2016 at Bleu Detroit, Michigan. It’s Funky Disco Jack House mix you don’t want to miss.

Here is a hot mix for the Deep House Music Heads

Here is another Tony Nova dj mix/ live set for the Deep House heads who like there DJ Sets mashed and funky.

Featuring Music by: Read More