Tony Nova Music says: “Salt by Tony Nova may be the AFRO/Tribal House Music track of the Year”

Here is my track Salt. The track notes are below. It’s True!

DD972: Salt by Tony Nova

Inspired by Space Travel and the Big Bang Theory. Tony Nova brings a spacey, Afro Deep, Tech joint for you. This hot track track named ‘Salt. A great track, with a full complement of deep house/afro house percussion, layers, and arrangement. A very DJ friendly track. Read More

Deep House beats and fire vocals is what I was looking to give on Strange Love!

I named this track Strange Love, but at first I was going to call it I love you House Music. It’s Tony Nova’s way fof saying I love you to House Music.

It’s a Deep House Love Song you can dance to.

Here is the fire Beats for the World Mix:

Track Notes:

Deep Tribal House Music for the soul. If you want pure uncut Deep House, this the track. Here are raw sounding mixes of this dreamy deep track named ‘Strange Love’. A great track, with a full complement of deep house percussion, layers, vocals hooks and arrangement. A very DJ friendly track.

Tony Nova – “Deep Seeds” is for the Deep House LOVER

For all the real Deep House DJ’s here is a remix I did for my T.B.C. brand it’s called “Deep Seeds” it’s really Deep.
Play it smooth baby and Keep it Deep!

Information Transmission – Raw Tony Nova Sound at it’s best – 2021

DD-969: Information Transmission by Tony Nova

I was looking to make a smooth rare sounding house track on this one. It has a very DJ friendly mix in and mix and great drops.

Download Tony Nova Hot Deep House track “First Touch” – Deep House

I’m so proud to ad this track to my catalog. “First Touch” Deep house percussion, layers, vocals hooks and arrangement. A very DJ friendly track.

More info here

Tony Nova drops What Do You Know About House Music? Plus All new Music.

I’m excited to be releasing What Do You Know About House Music? as part of the Brown Brother XXL Album. This music means so much to me.

I scored and produced everything on the album but The Unsel Brown track. I have recorded as many different names over the years.

Very smooth and deep textures on my track Interstellar with Unsel Brown

Here is a track I did with my Brother Unsel brown “Interstellar”

Hot New Music download from from Tony Nova, “Telekinesis”

I’m so happy to bring you this brand new vibration “Telekinesis” I’m hoping this will hit your hot spot in your DJ set or Playlist.  Getting back to a minimal sound Back to the underground minimal feel. It builds with a deep afro electro feel kinda like, Detroit techno meets deep house. Read More

Deep House Friday by Tony Nova on

This track is an incredible blend between straight-up house music and bossa nova beats embedded within an overall jazzy house feel. The production on the song is impeccable, and you can feel your body moving from the beginning to the end of this hot track. Anyone who listens to much house music will instantly recognize the great smooth qualities in the track, and immediately begin bobbing their head to the amazing beats and overlayed, interlocking instrumental tracks.

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House Music vs Jazz Tony Nova on

A guitar riff adds to the latin feel of the song, and a jazzy flute solo really brings it down. This a song to relax to with a glass of wine, or hit the dance floor with the smooth moves of Latin rhythm.

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Deep Therapy Tony Nova Remix

Download this smooth but rare track for the Deep House Dee Jay or House Music Fan.

Lay back and chill with this 420 friendly track named “Deep Therapy”

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Tony Nova as Evolution of Deep Volume II T.B.C. on

Track Notes:

Producer/Musician T.B.C. aka Tony Nova/Brown as of 2017 from Detroit is back with this rare sounding track named “Evolution of Deep Volume II”. A unique blend of Jazz and House, Jazzy House Music like this brings something new to the table as it explores entire new emotions by manipulating the standard feel good progressions of House.

It builds elegantly, starting with a Jazzy flute riff accompanied by a restrained house beat. At around the 30 second mark the familiar 4 to the floor beat starts, making it clear that, above all, this is a dance track.
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Tony Nova – Jazzy House Music Vibes, Vol. 4: Deep & Jazzy

Track Notes:
When it comes to great, well constructed jazz music, no one can beat Tony Nova. The man has been around for quite a while and that is certainly evident with his latest track, Deep & Jazzy.

The song, which is a mix of a deep house music & NU jazz, really hits all of its marks in terms of being both an upbeat dance song as well as well constructed piece of art. The blend of the two genres really does make it a great song for any fan of the genre.
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Jazzy House Music Vibes, Vol. 3: Menage A Trois Tony Nova ON

Track Notes:
The crystal melodies and walking bass lines hark back to 1970’s experimental jazz, while the throbbing nu-jazz drums pulse along with a modern, urban club feel. Nova creates a unique musical avenue where dynamic horns, wah pedal guitar lines and progressive, off-time musical breaks come together in a perfect blend of jazz, house music and classic bossa nova.
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The solo instruments take the lead in turns, weaving in and out of each other with seamless elegance throughout the seven-and-a-half minute track. The bass drum kicks just enough to get your toe tapping, but not so much that it dominates the entire mix, making this the perfect track for anyone tired of the dub step bass craze overtaking the club scene. Each instrument is performed with impeccable skill, and each finds a perfect pocket in the mix without muscling in on the others. Most notable is the bass guitar, which walks confidently under the melodies, only stopping for the occasional pop and snap to add a touch of funk to the rhythm section.

Jazzy House Music Vibes, Vol. 2 | Smooth Ecstasy Tony Nova on

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Reminiscent of old-school, jazz lounge music. He then proceeds to show us how a true nu jazz artist includes some of the ‘way-back’ by throwing in some guitar lines that could have been written and played by Les Paul himself. Next comes a solid flute solo, quintessential to any good jazz performance, and he finishes it up with some soulful organ. All of this is progressing on top of quality deep house drum n’ bass and production value that rivals any other song of today’s house music.