Tony Nova Bio

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Tony Nova

American-born record producer, actor, composer, arranger  DJ.

Tony Nova, known professionally as Tony Nova, is a Electronic music producer, musician and DJ. Tony Nova specializes in Deep House, House Music, Dub-House, and Tech House and Detroit Techno.

“The Tony Nova experience is a world class set which is one you won’t forget. He features a crossover set that is half DJ & half machine – a true techno cyborg!”

Say’s Angie Linder Detroit Techno Militia

Winning and Emmy and numerous awards for Audio production and Broadcasting. The Tony Nova live show is one for the books. His Music fuses house, funk, disco and  techno into a smooth vibe unlike anything you’ll hear from any other dj or producer.

Performance Highlights: 2016- 2019
Hot Mix 5 35 Year Anniversary Festival – Chicago
2016 – 2017 Winter House Sessions – Detroit
Even Furthur : 2018 Sindikate DIY
4th Annual Hamtramck Music Festival
Electric Winter – Indoor Party
Vandalized Mindz Reboot : 700000

The Grasshopper Underground (Resident)
Mike Clark Life Party – Detroit (Member)
Deep Dive Underground Series – Chicago & San Francisco (Resident)

Tony Nova shows creativity without going over the top blending wildly different genres into something new and special.

Tony says:

“So my whole vibe is deep anything deep or electronic I love it house music, deep house, afro house, tech house, drum & bass, dub-tech,  Ambient minimal dark bossa beats it’s all good to with me.”

It all began in 1990 for Tony at that time know as Tony Brown or T.B.C.

T.B.C., or Tony Brown to those in the electronic music industry, was the first and only artist that had exclusively signed a deal with Rocky Jones from DJ International Records. Specifically, Tony Brown signed a three-year deal, which insisted on three releases per year and a thousand dollars per track, which was quite a decent amount of money for house music in the early nineties. T.B.C. elucidated his enthusiasm for working with some of the best producers in the industry, namely Rocky Jones, Joe Smooth, Craig Loftis, Jes One, Chez Damier and many more.

After one of the most successful releases, “The Way You Move,” from DJ International Records, which featured Jessica Tuttle and MC D,.

Later Brown joined up with his brother, Unsel Brown, at which point, the Brown Brothers were formed; a record was released under Many Mokiers between 1993-1996.

The X-Files of Techno was slated for worldwide distribution shortly thereafter, and the label happened to be the very first internet record label, while being a part of a multi-media entity known as 3000 vinyl copies were shipped out, which was an impressive feat for the group. Impressively, Ben Sims remixed one track for Music Man, while a few of the tracks were published for CD release.

Between the Years of 2001- 2008 Tony worked and recorded under the direction of Ron Murphy, the mastering engineer at NSC and a true legend in Detroit techno and house. releasing music on NSC Records and Fullpress records. Since 2008 Tony Brown has been managing the NSC Catalog along with running Media site
Discogs Music Links: Itunes | | Traxsource | Beatport

Still to this day Tony Brown can be found Recording and Producing under the following names:

Tony Nova

Ali Noeb

Ann Arbor Electric Company (Member)

The Brown Brothers (Member)

Synthesizers & Samplers (Member)

Rider – Equipment Setup

Preferred players and set up
3x CDJ-2000NXS2 – Linked
DJM-2000NXS Mixer – Linked
2x monitors connected to both out

Optional Players
3x CDJ-900NXS – Linked
3x XDJ-1000MK2 – Linked

Preferred Mixers – Linked