Tony Nova Record Producer, Performer, DJ.

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Tony Nova, known professionally as Tony Nova, is a Electronic music producer, musician and DJ. Tony Nova specializes in Deep House, House Music, Dub-House, and Tech House and Detroit Techno. 

Tony Nova is a dynamic force in the electronic music scene, with a career spanning over three decades that fuses the worlds of DJing, radio broadcasting, and digital innovation. Specializing in Deep House, House Music, Dub-House, Tech House, and Detroit Techno, Tony’s performances are a blend of technical mastery and creative artistry.

Esteemed for his ability to craft sets that are half DJ, half machine, Tony is known as a true techno cyborg. His live shows are celebrated for their fusion of house, funk, disco, and techno, creating a unique vibe that sets him apart in the industry.

A veteran in the broadcast media realm, Tony’s 20+ years of experience have honed his skills in digital content strategy, podcast management, and multi-platform distribution. His technical expertise extends to audio and video system management, making him a versatile and innovative figure in the electronic music world.

Tony’s accolades include an Emmy and numerous awards for audio production and broadcasting, underscoring his impact on the industry. As a pioneer in blending beats with broadcast brilliance, Tony Nova continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, ensuring every performance is an unforgettable experience.

Winning and Emmy and numerous awards for Audio production and Broadcasting. The Tony Nova live show is one for the books. His Music fuses house, funk, disco and  techno into a smooth vibe unlike anything you’ll hear from any other dj or producer.


Therapy – Las Vegas | Sunday House Sessions Monthly
Northern Lights Lounge Detroit | Life Party Monthly

Summer of 2022
Full Moon Glow Parties at Old Miami Detroit

Performance Highlights: 2016- 2022

Dally in the Alley
Hot Mix 5 35 Year Anniversary Festival – Chicago
2016 – 2019 Winter House Sessions – Detroit
Even Furthur : 2018 Sindikate DIY
4th Annual Hamtramck Music Festival
Electric Winter – Indoor Party
Vandalized Mindz Reboot : 700000The Grasshopper Underground (Resident)
Mike Clark Life Party – Detroit (Member)
Deep Dive Underground Series – Chicago & San Francisco (Resident)

Discogs Music Links: Itunes | | Traxsource | Beatport

Tony can be found Recording and Producing under the following names:

  • Tony Nova
  • Ali Noeb
  • Ann Arbor Electric Company (Member)
  • The Brown Brothers (Member)
  • Synthesizers & Samplers (Member)
  • Tony Brown