Tony Nova

Tony Nova is back with this Monster Mix & Podcast #1211

Tony Nova Mix #1211 is here with a great live DJ mix for for yoga, meditation, relaxation exercise out and of course dancing.

Featuring House Music | Minimal | Disco | Progressive House Music | Latin | Afro House Music.

Tony Nova – House Music for the Universe #1210 Soulful Deep House Music

This mix is the essence of Tony Nova’s Deep side. This mix is great for yoga, working out, dancing or driving. Also a great mediation tool. Tony Nova – House Music for the Universe #1210 Soulful Deep House Music.

Tony Nova goes from Deep House to Disco Latin mix in episode #1209

Listen and watch, Tony Nova House Music for the World Episode #1209. So get down with the best hot mix with: Deep House, House Music & Afro House Music, with a taste of Latin Disco with Tony Nova Episode #1209.


Tony Nova at All things House Music, Virtual Festival – House Music & Techno

Tony Nova with the Disco & Deep mix episode #1208

Get down with Tony Nova in the Deep Disco & Deep House mix.

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Tony Nova MIX: Deep & Progressive House Music Vibes #1207

Here is a mix from Set in Detroit @ Savant Midtown. What a night it was, enjoy this deep and progressive mix.

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Tony Nova: Drunken Disco Mix. Episode #1206 – Recorded live

Here is my Disco House set Podcast episode #1206. This mix was recorded live at The Disco Heat Party in Detroit.

Tony Nova drops What Do You Know About House Music? Plus All new Music.

I’m excited to be releasing What Do You Know About House Music? as part of the Brown Brother XXL Album. This music means so much to me.

I scored and produced everything on the album but The Unsel Brown track. I have recorded as many different names over the years.

The Deep side of Tony Nova. Deep House Music for the Universe Episode #1205

Catch my Deeper side in Deep House Music for the Universe Episode #1205 highlights of my dj mix below.

  • Oyster Sauce (original mix) Fresh Funk Espresso Band
  • Take That Spin Worx
  • Once Again Matt Masters
  • Selektron Tony Casanova
  • You Boghosian
  • Imperfect Perfection Mark Ryal
  • Stress Relief (Yoruba Soul mix) Coflo
  • By Day (Fred ReVersion) Sio, Fred Everything
  • Talibe (DJ Angelo extended remix)
  • Africanism Allstars Produced By Nassau
  • I Get Deep (Joe Smooth’s Gifted Souls mix) Roland Clark

Tony Nova serves up Deep House – Afro House in Episode #1204

Tony Nova #1202 House Music Made Me Do it.

Here is the first hour of my mix at Deep Dive #109. Tony Nova #1202

Tony Nova recorded live in Chicago @ #Deep Dive 109.

Podcast & Mix: Tony Nova Deep House for the Universe – Episode #1203.

Here is my show #1203 Please enjoy the ride. Deep House for the Universe it’s great for driving, Deep House Heads and True Deep House and House Music Fans.

Tony Nova serves House Music Podcast #1200

Download and listen to highlights of Tony Nova March 7, 2019 at the world-famous Grasshopper Underground. All the house music, deep house, and tech house music you can handle on this podcast. Read More

Listen to the new Tony Nova Podcast #1199 Deep Transformations.

Soulful Heat: Podcast episode #1198

All Things House Music podcast with Tony Nova. Listen and stream episode #1198 Soulful heat a nice ride trough house music.

Episode: #1198 Universal Healing via House Music.

Here is my latest Podcast. All Things House Music with Tony Nova
Episode: #1198.
Another episode of All Things House Music with Tony Nova. The weeks podcast is a very spiritual deep mix that goes from afro house music to a smoking tribal tech sound at 128 bpm. Reat for driving musical healing, yoga, meditation and working out.
Tempo : 121- 128 BPM (beats per minute)

Tony Nova DJ mix and Podcast from Tropical Night at world famous Grasshopper Underground

Blast off and play this Deep House Deep Tech Afro funky mix from Tony Nova. Podcast and play loud.

Some new photos of Tony Nova playing House Music

Check out these photos of Tony Nova playing House Music.

Very smooth and deep textures on my track Interstellar with Unsel Brown

Here is a track I did with my Brother Unsel brown “Interstellar”

Video of Tony Nova on the close out @ Electricty 2018

New images of Tony Nova DJ pictures playing that House Music

Here are some New images of Tony Nova DJ pictures playing that House Music.